Wind Power Breakthrough in Denmark

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140% of the Country’s Electricity Requirements Are Met

In just one day (a Thursday) in which winds were extremely powerful, Denmark has succeeded in covering all its electricity requirements and even better: the country has also been able to give power to Sweden, Germany and Norway. Wind farms seem to be responsible for this. Germany and Norway shared 80% of the surplus and Sweden got what remained.

Wind turbines have provided 116% of the national requirements of power for Denmark on Thursday, but the percentage reached the value of 140 at 3 o’clock in the morning (when it was already Friday). The surplus shared by Germany and Norway can be stored in order to be used at a later time. There are hydro-power systems that can be used right for this purpose.

The European Wind Association states that human society is very close to a point in which it will use renewable energy for all of its power needs. Such a solution comes exactly at the right time, as we need it the most for decarbonization and other important reasons. According to the Danish transmissions systems operator, the wind farms of Denmark are not even performing at their full capacity.

Experts say that the future looks good for Denmark. Australia is following the footsteps of Denmark and starting to promote alternative energy sources. People are starting to install solar panels on their roof; wind turbines in their farms. Alternative forms of energy are clean and may also help reduce power bills. People can contact electrician Sydney for an emergency situation when it comes to setting up these alternative energy systems. If there will be more installations of wind turbines in the near future, Denmark will produce 50% of its power by using renewable sources. This future is closer than we may imagine, as it can happen five years from now.

Right now, about 75% of the wind capacity of Denmark is produced by onshore wind farms with powerful support from the government. This makes Denmark very efficient in comparison to any other country. Because of this, some other countries may be jealous and a good example is Great Britain. The British government stops offering support for onshore wind farms from next year. David Cameron’s government even plans to fight against the establishment of offshore wind farms.

Small Movers

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When you want to move houses, there are lots of small issues that might come up. You may worry about your pets; how to relocate them safely. Small movers specialize in relocations which fail to meet the commercial minimums. The also provide shipping services for extra large goods that are cumbersome for conventional mailing services. Small movers are a good alternative to self service movers of the DIY option, but with the benefits of full service movers.
Advantages of a Small Mover

There are no hidden fees with a small mover. But make sure you check out man with a van reviews before finalizing everything. Moving charges are basically calculated by combining distance, weight, the service you opt for and manpower. There is a minimum fee if you do not meet the threshold weight. Some moving companies charge higher rates in peak seasons and on holidays. This is contrary to small movers because their rates are calculated on the actual poundage of the items to be moved.

Many small movers ship locally, nationally or internationally. They offer basic minimum insurance coverage without charging you extra.If your move is within the state, they apply an hourly charge. Many small movers provide secure storage if in case your destination is not ready; you should however check with your mover in advance.

Get the best Rates on your small move
Moving Assistance

If you have a modest amount of items to relocate, you can explore the option of a company which has specialized in small moves. Regardless of whether is is full household move or just a few items, the move could possibly cost little or a bit more than what you would spend to hire a truck and do the job yourself. Some movers can help you keep your cost in line if budget is a consideration.
Shipping Services

For fragile, heavy or important items, small movers are the best choice. Their services are meant for people who are not comfortable with the conventional mailing service, irrespective of their insurance offerings.

Small-Mover Services

Do you prefer the services provided by a full-service mover but fail to meet the minimum requirements? Are you intending to move a treasured item to another location? Then small movers are the best answer.

Their basic list of services include:

– Prices depend on the weight of the items
– There is no minimum requirements for weight
– Local, long distance or international shipping
– Storage
– Packing and crating
– Automobiles and motorcycles
– Estate distribution
– Air freight delivery
– Full households
– Heirlooms and antiques
– Pianos
– Corporate relocation
– Single items and partial Loads
– Oddball items

So whether you want to relocate your own cat, or an abandoned cat, or if you want to move other small items around, make sure you use the tips mentioned above for a hassle free move.

Our Philosophy

Who We Are:

CATALES, Inc. is a non-profit, no-kill organization consisting of volunteers dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of homeless cats and kittens. Through foster homes, we provide food, medical care, and temporary shelter for felines awaiting adoption. We also provide a safe haven for cats that have special needs and are waiting for special families and homes.

Specific Objectives and Purposes:

Promote the welfare of cats through activities such as:
– Location of homeless and/or feral cats in need of rescue;
– Provision of food and shelter for in-need cats;
– Provision of responsible medical care for in-need cats by bringing them to licensed veterinarians for appropriate treatment such as vaccines;
– Spay/neuter of all cats placed in homes or returned to their feral colonies;
– Provision of information and assistance to others in regard to spay/neuter resources;
– Placing of rescued cats in safe homes with follow-up to ensure continued well-being;
– Education of the general public in regard to responsible animal care and welfare;
– Cooperation with other individuals and organizations working in the animal rescue community;
– Fighting animal abuse wherever we find it in society.