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Our Philosophy

Who We Are:

CATALES, Inc. is a non-profit, no-kill organization consisting of volunteers dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of homeless cats and kittens. Through foster homes, we provide food, medical care, and temporary shelter for felines awaiting adoption. We also provide a safe haven for cats that have special needs and are waiting for special families and homes.

Specific Objectives and Purposes:

Promote the welfare of cats through activities such as:
– Location of homeless and/or feral cats in need of rescue;
– Provision of food and shelter for in-need cats;
– Provision of responsible medical care for in-need cats by bringing them to licensed veterinarians for appropriate treatment such as vaccines;
– Spay/neuter of all cats placed in homes or returned to their feral colonies;
– Provision of information and assistance to others in regard to spay/neuter resources;
– Placing of rescued cats in safe homes with follow-up to ensure continued well-being;
– Education of the general public in regard to responsible animal care and welfare;
– Cooperation with other individuals and organizations working in the animal rescue community;
– Fighting animal abuse wherever we find it in society.