Different Types of Window Blinds

blinds for home decor

Whether you are looking to furnish your new home, or add a bit of flair to a room’s decor, blinds are something you should definitely consider. In the bustle of trying to set up your home, window blinds are far too often overlooked. Every home requires them – yet contrary to popular belief, not all blinds are created equally.

From picking the blinds that will work best on your window, to discovering what will match your home’s ambience, we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn which window coverings are right for you.


These days, wooden blinds top the charts as the most popular window blinds. Wood blinds offer simplicity to your every day routine: the smooth, clean make of wood blinds means that they are very unlikely to jam or break. Sydney blinds consultant says that wood blinds are in high demand due to the fact that they are easily matchable to a wide variety of furniture styles, colours, and décor. Finally, wood is a lightweight, easily manoeuvrable material, but easily blocks out light. A neutral, wood blind could be exactly what your window needs!

Tip: wood blinds too expensive? Opt for faux wood blinds. These window blinds provide the opaqueness and look of wood blinds, but for a fraction of the price.


Another commonly used type of blind is the vertical blind. These window blinds are most often seen covering patio doors, or other large door windows. They are especially great door blinds because their durability renders them easy to move, are the simplest blinds to clean, and they offer great light control. Vertical blinds keep light out without completely darkening a room, and can last for years.


If you are looking for window blinds that add a bit of fanciness to your décor, roman shades might be the blinds for you. These window blinds are renowned for easily matching the stylishness of many a room, but are particularly great for lending a taste of class and sophistication to your home. Roman shades are made from cloth that is designed to accordion fold as they are lifted up and down.

The result is a smooth, beautiful looking style of window blinds. These shades are often a little bit more difficult to clean than other window blinds, but many styles can be taken down from the window and machine washed.


Are you looking for blinds that will cover a large window space without affecting your home’s décor? Exterior shades are window blinds that cover large areas of window and actually succeed in reducing the interior temperature of the room by blocking out the heat of the sun. They are best suited for sun-rooms, porches, and very large windows.

From practical to pretty, from heat blocking to slight light yielding, there are so many different styles of window blinds available to you. Don’t be blind- find the window blinds that best suit your home today!