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Wind Power Breakthrough in Denmark

wind farms

140% of the Country’s Electricity Requirements Are Met

In just one day (a Thursday) in which winds were extremely powerful, Denmark has succeeded in covering all its electricity requirements and even better: the country has also been able to give power to Sweden, Germany and Norway. Wind farms seem to be responsible for this. Germany and Norway shared 80% of the surplus and Sweden got what remained.



Wind turbines have provided 116% of the national requirements of power for Denmark on Thursday, but the percentage reached the value of 140 at 3 o’clock in the morning (when it was already Friday). The surplus shared by Germany and Norway can be stored in order to be used at a later time. There are hydro-power systems that can be used right for this purpose.

The European Wind Association states that human society is very close to a point in which it will use renewable energy for all of its power needs. Such a solution comes exactly at the right time, as we need it the most for decarbonization and other important reasons. According to the Danish transmissions systems operator, the wind farms of Denmark are not even performing at their full capacity.

Experts say that the future looks good for Denmark. Australia is following the footsteps of Denmark and starting to promote alternative energy sources. If there will be more installations of wind turbines in the near future, Denmark will produce 50% of its power by using renewable sources. This future is closer than we may imagine, as it can happen five years from now.

Right now, about 75% of the wind capacity of Denmark is produced by onshore wind farms with powerful support from the government. This makes Denmark very efficient in comparison to any other country. Because of this, some other countries may be jealous and a good example is Great Britain.